Created in 1993, Musclemedia is the ideal location for supplement as well as training advice. You will find only trusted brand names of proteins, vitamins, Bcaas as well as accessories of almost any kind. We can provide almost anything to maximize your health!
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I spent many years studying the nutritional aspect of my field and getting many certifications as a coach and as a personal trainer.

Looking forward to advising you!



From the moment I first entered the store at the age of 17, I immediately dreamed of owning my own supplement store. 23 years later, it has become a reality and I am so happy to be able to advise you every day.

I started training at the age of 14 and had my first competition at the age of 22. It was a year later that I won my first provincial title and I have never stopped competing since at the national level for world qualification.


Muscle Media is synonymous with quality, advice and best prices! Our advisers are professional, experienced and they care about your well-being and your performance. Our mission is to explain the benefits of each product and especially to recommend only the products that are adapted to your needs.


For a professional and personalized service!

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